Monero [XMR] continues to sees a double digit decline on the last 7 day stats

With a fall of 4.45% in the past 24 hours, Litecoin [LTC] is currently trading at $144.75. The open source peer to peer cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is $8.1 billion with a volume of $3.4 million. In the last 1 hour, LTC had gone down by 0.56%.

Litecoin had come down from the 5th largest cryptocurrency to the 7th on the crypto table. On April 28th, Cardano [ADA] overtook LTC by a large margin of $750 million, leaving Litecoin on the 7th. Cardano’s current market capitalization is $8.8 billion, $7.2 million more than LTC. At the beginning of the week, on April 25th, LTC’s volume was nearly double of its current volume. However, it has recovered by about 30% since April 12th.

Pavel Matveev, CEO of Wirex said:

“Litecoin has huge potential and a big community, so there is a lot of demand for this service in the market.”

Wirex recently added Litecoin [LTC] to its payment cards, considering that it is faster than Bitcoin. Wirex wrote on its blog:

“Customer polls last year revealed the popularity of Litecoin as a rival alternative crypto to Bitcoin…It’s faster than Bitcoin, has lower blockchain fees and may become a global payment option available on dozens of big brand websites in coming months.”

Following are the general market sentiments regarding Litecoin:

A crypto investor and enthusiast commented:

“Litecoin’s price will skyrocket especially when adoption starts to manifest further. Be patient my friends. #Łitecoin”

Own Wilson, a Litecoin enthusiast tweeted:

“Love a good pullback- you know why? Cuz I feel like every time a good one happens, you get some nice price movement like a week or two later. By May 16th Litecoin is gonna be on fire whether you like it or not”

Another market follower commented:

“12 Months Ago #LTC price Was Like $14 and Today You Have People Whining, Ranting, Raving And Carrying On! Ametuers! The Best Time To Buy LTC Was Yesteryear!  Think About It! HODL It & BOTL it!”

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