Ethereum based tumbler- Mobius to tender Monero like privacy and anonymity

The 18th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS) in Barcelona that was held from 24th to 27th July, brought together two researchers Rebekah Mercer and Sarah Meiklejohn from Aarhus University and University College London, respectively. They have jointly exhibited their judgements on a technique called Mobius, an Ethereum based tumbler or mixing service.

PETS brought together global privacy professionals to scrutinize privacy advancements and share their outlook in privacy technologies. The symposium reflected on privacy services for the Internet and other digital systems and communication networks.

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How has Rebekah Mercer and Sarah Meiklejohn defined Mobius?

At the event, the duo is of the opinion that Mobius attains “strong notions of anonymity, as even malicious senders cannot identify which pseudonyms belong to the recipients to whom they sent money, and is able to resist denial-of-service attacks. It also achieves a much lower off-chain communication complexity than all existing tumblers, with senders and recipients needing to send only two initial messages in order to engage in an arbitrary number of transactions.”

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What is the core focus of Mobius?

Security being the strongest suit for Mobius, it upholds security in terms of anonymity, availability, and theft prevention. “Before defining security formally, we first define the oracles that we use in our games,” said the researchers’ paper.

Mobius has been tailored with the core focus to curtail the off-chain communication that is needed between the sender and recipient. Pertaining to this, the two researchers consider that only two interactions are required between the two to notify the recipient that the fund has been withdrawn.

Mercer said: “Mobius achieves great things in terms of availability and theft prevention but without compromising on communication, which hopefully will encourage people to mix more often.”


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