Crypto phone HTCExodus can now be purchased with Litecoin: Charlie Lee


Electronics giant HTC made history when it first released HTC Dream, first commercial device utilizing the Android operating system. Now, another decade later, it is ready with the world’s first crypto phone with a native blockchain network, known as Exodus. Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee shared the news with the community stating that it can be bought a fixed 19.84 LTC.

Initially, it was reported that the Taiwan-based electronics firm would include support for Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] networks but later Litecoin [LTC] also joined the list. Charlie Lee took to Twitter to state, “As announced at @SlushHQ today, you can now purchase the @htcexodus crypto phone with Litecoin. It costs a fixed 19.84 LTC. #PayWithLitecoin #BigBrother #Bitcoin.”
Phil Chen, HTC’s “chief decentralized officer”, unveiled more about the new device on Wednesday at Slush 2018 in Helsinki. Charlie Lee also appeared in the event.

While speaking at the event, Chen mentioned that HTC believes in an “open internet” and that we human beings are meant to connect. However, according to Chen, “This whole movement has been hijacked.” He mentioned that the “new tyrannies” were the seven largest tech conglomerates in the world that had made the digital world into a new “feudal system.”

“This thing that was open source became a railway to owning all of our digital identities, all of our digital personal data, and all of our digital assets,” he added. Chen added that this new phone will give users the control of their private keys.

At the event, later Charlie Lee stated why it is important to have control over the private keys. He stated that security is a critical thing that is to be solved. Lot of people store their coins on an exchange or online wallet but the problem is, users are relying on third party to secure the coins, he noted. Moreover, the news of exchanges & wallets getting hacked are very common. So, it is important that one can secure the coins themselves and not rely on third party.

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