Police say missing wife of Norwegian millionaire was abducted for ransom

Detectives have been investigating the case of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, the wife of one of Norway’s richest men, since she was reportedly kidnapped on Halloween.

Ms Falkevik Hagen, 68, who is married to Tom Hagen, a real estate millionaire, is believed to have been abducted from the bathroom of their Oslo home. And now her kidnappers have allegedly claimed they will kill her if a $A14.4 million ransom in cryptocurrency isn’t paid.

Police were informed about Ms Falkevik Hagen’s disappearance on October 31, but did not publicly speak about the incident until Wednesday.

Chief police investigator Tommy Broeske said the reason to go public now is that despite a broad and extensive investigation “we need more information”, he told a news conference.

While they still have no suspects, police are interested in speaking to three people in CCTV footage they released yesterday taken outside the Mr Hagen’s office on the day his wife disappeared.

Mr Broeske said one of the men was seen walking on a road before turning around and going back down the road immediately.

Police wanted to speak to the man, as well as another person walking on the same road and a passing cyclist.

Police revealed a ransom demand and serious threats have been issued.

According to Norway’s VG newspaper, a note found in the couple’s house, east of capital Oslo, claimed that Ms Falkevik Hagen would be killed if the ransom — reportedly to be €9 million ($A14.4 million) — wasn’t paid in the cryptocurrency monero or if the police got involved.

Monero is a popular privacy coin in the market. It is a completely anonymous cryptocurrency which means it is not traceable. Mr Hagen, 68, has a fortune estimated to be worth nearly 1.7 billion krone — about $A280 million.

Mr Broeske declined to comment on the note other than saying: “The threats (in the note) were of a very serious character.”

He said that “those behind (the kidnapping) have chosen to communicate digitally and we have had no other type of contact”. He also refused to disclose the date of the most recent contact.

Police have urged the family not to pay any ransom.

Since Ms Falkevik Hagen’s disappearance, police had received “more than 100 tips,” Mr Broeske said, adding “several seems to be interesting” without elaborating.

Such events are extremely rare in the wealthy Scandinavian country, which enjoys a generally low crime rate.

Mr Broeske said they were working with Europol and Interpol on the case.


Tom Hagen is number 172 on a list of Norway’s wealthiest people published by the financial magazine Kapital, with a fortune estimated to be nearly 1.7 billion krone ($A280 million) in 2018.

The property investor also owns 70 per cent of electricity company Elkraft, which he co-founded in 1992, Norwegian media reported.

The couple, who have three adult children, lived a quiet, retiring life in an elegant but understated home about 50km from the Swedish boarder.

Despite a relatively low profile, Mr Hagen has been the subject of news articles about his business success.

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