Binance Coin[BNB] pulls through as TRON[TRX] and Litecoin[LTC] slow down

As of this moment, Binance Coin is ranked at #7 on coinmarketcap. BNB is trading in the green zone by a decent margin, and the value sits at $37.56. The surge felt since the course of the entire day amounts to 2.09%. 141,175,490 BNB tokens are engaged within the circulating supply, and the 24-hour trading volume recorded stands at $341.367 billion. The total market cap for Binance is around $5.302 billion as seen on coinmarketcap.
Here are a few alerts published recently which might have been the cause for BNB’s strong pace:

The upper limit of resistance for Binance which it looks to overcome rests at $40. Key support may be seen at $35, below which if price reduces it will be a sign of bearish pressure. For now, BNB is reflecting the pace undertaken by BTC. Yesterday, the value attained by BNB was recorded at $36.67. At the end of last year, the price of BNB was at $6.16. They were the biggest gainer of this year. Binance also announced its arrival in India a short while ago.

However, if selling occurs, then the value may sink below the $30 support level. The $28 and $26.60 marks are where data shows the price has a chance of resting.

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